Piazza del Campo

The ice is melting
In the orange cocktail
Swallows are
Sommersaulting in the blue
Over the sandy half-moon
Of Piazza del Campo
I wait for something
To flag up
I listen at mundane
I wonder at
Still buildings
Silently beholding
A thousand dying suns

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My first poetry book

So, I published a poetry booklet about Manchester. Incredibly cheap and available at Lulu.com.


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Blue Mancunian sky

Blue Mancunian sky
Hint of infinity
Everlasting sunsets
It’s summer already

Cycling alone
Up Greenheys Lane
I open my lungs
Inexplicably moved

There’s a mystery
Just below the horizon
Again I can hope
To love and be loved

I’m free I’m alive
I can finally cry

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Somebody is pushing
On my chest
I can’t breath
Shit. It hurts

My heart is high on fear
It drums on my temples
I’m in danger
And I can’t see anything
But myself
Where am I?

I used to hide here
It’s dark it’s cold
I’m alone
As far as I don’t make any sound
I’m safe

No, please, not again
I don’t need this
I won’t go back there
I don’t have to

The crickets are playing their tiny bells
All is at peace
It’s alright now
I’m free, I’m safe

And my love will be still here
When I’ll wake up

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Poetry, spoken

Fragments of mirrors
Glitter in the dark
It seems they’re moving
Fuck. They also talk

They talk of life
Of pain of longing
Of laughter sometimes
And then love obviously

It’s some kind of spell
Finally broken
It’s some kind of poetry
Finally spoken

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Star and Garter, Manchester

(after the melody of The Animals, The House of the Rising Sun)

There is a house in a fair field
They call it the Garter n’ Star
And it is the home of many lost souls
And boy you know I’ve been one

Dim is the light inside there
But the beer truly tastes strong
You can toast for a while to past memories
Playing at the old billiard

The band sang aloud all night long
While we danced in the darkened room
There we glimpsed the spirit of old Manchester
Having a spiff in the glistering moon

There is a house in a fair field
They call it the Garter n’ Star
It still stands alone while the time walks past
And be sure it forever last

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